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Le chocolat chaud 100 x81 cm

Daniel Raynott

(Dan Raynott) was born in 1962

California has often been sung, admired or dreamed of. Its sun, its beaches, its special light make it its sweetness of life. From his long stays in California, Raynott has kept a colorful nostalgia by creating canvases tinged with optimism and dazzling sweetness of contrasts. Dream villas with sleek modern architectures and their swimming pool sparkle with transparency.


"CALIFORNIA DREAM" by RAYNOTT is the glamor of the 60s. Raynott remembering the charm and the colors of those Californian years, offers each of his paintings a sunny journey, it is the heat of Palm Spring, a luxuriant oasis , the freshness of San Francisco, the panoramic views of the Pacific in Malibu or Santa Monica. Nostalgic no doubt but also totally in his time, Daniel Raynott pays homage to a land of creativity and optimism which never ceases to push the boundaries of the possible.

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