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Berit Hildre

Berit Hildre was born in 1964 in Alesund, Norway.


She has lived in the South of France for about twenty years.


Berit says of his little daughters:

"My little girls are like flowers; frail daisies in the hollow of a vallo, wonderfully fresh and beautiful, vulnerable, at the mercy of so many things that can in an instant destroy this little miracle; a daisy, a little girl. Little girls believe in angels, fairies and trolls, princes and magicians. They know that all things are alive and even the dead are not dead. Little girls talk to birds, dogs and cats, especially cats. Besides, it should rather be said that they speak with cats, their conversations are so long and important. Little girls collect all kinds of precious things: strange stones, angel feathers, fallen hazelnuts of a tree, little empty boxes and secrets in the palm of your hand. "

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