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Stephane Padu

Born in 1970, Stéphane PADU is a multifaceted artist and designer.

He is a complete artist with very diverse talents. His atypical career reveals to us a being apart who masters all techniques, drawing, photography, space or furniture design, art cars, comics, graphics and oil painting ...

He draws on these different knowledge and experiences to transcribe in his works his sensitivity to the places that surround him, to his environment.

His favourite area: maritime and port areas.

It is in his oil paintings that he approaches the maritime world brilliantly; merchant ships and container ships are of rare beauty and elegance.

He brings cosmetics to reality, taming shapes and colors. He takes us into the world of transport, between sky and sea, between dream and reality, with a precision of goldsmith. Its color palettes are intense and vibrant. The material is raw and refined at the same time.

A reassuring force emanates from his painting despite the power that emanates from his works. His technique is part of a multidisciplinary intellectual and creative process. His insatiable curiosity is in research. It is a laboratory in itself of mastery, precision and observation.

The painting is structured, the image is clear, the perfection is in the detail chosen. We feel a great technique, but also a professional ethics, a rigor that hides a humanism, an artistic sensibility, a controlled emotion and the love of the sea.

Stéphane PADU's line evokes a form of dreamlike realism where ships are transformed into jewels whose setting is between sky and sea ...

ENTRE CIEL & MER VI 92x73cm.jpeg
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