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Pierre Germain

Born in 1967 in Clamecy in the Nièvre, self-taught. Teacher at ASPT Lecturer in schools and in companies, performances during exhibitions. His whole life is focused on art and creation.

His bronzes are cast at the Barthelemy Art foundry in Crest, in the Drome. Currently, he lives and works in Beaune, in Burgundy.


As a child, I lived with an art santonnier. Without knowing it, I immersed myself in his work, which influenced mine. So it's no coincidence that I like to sculpt the characters. I got into sculpture 20 years ago following the loss of a loved one, and my life since has been very different.


I create in music and without a model. I have traveled a lot, I draw on the library of images that I have in me. I let myself be carried away by my feelings of the moment. What comes out depends on the emotional state I'm in. There is no premeditation in my work, nor torments of the soul. Being an artist for me is always being in a form of insecurity, uncertainty and being a little marginalized by society, so it's essential to find calm. In peace we manage to find the most important: the act of creation. The know-how, if it is necessary, should only be at the service of this act, it is sacred to me!


The most interesting work is obviously the next one! As soon as a creation is finished, it is "forgotten". I'm already in the next one ...